Andreea Balan

Andreea has an exceptional show full with hits and different dance styles. Dancing Show – This show combines the best hits of Andreea with different dance styles: Charleston, tango, calusarii, salsa, flamenco, Arabic, gipsy, ballet, and country, performed using 15 different costumes. Dancing show keeps the public in the grip thru the spectacularly acrobatic moves, the special choreography and the numerous and different costumes. Andreea is always on stage surrounded by 4 dance girls and her special guest –Petrisor. The Bunny Show – exclusive show for clubs only. After midnight, the girls transforms into extremely sexy bunnies, with little ears and exquisite choreography. Once Andreea and the girls enter the club, the temperature is rising, and the show becomes incendiary: daring beats, costumes changes after each song, and a lot of special moments that combines music dance and passion. From flamenco to samba and oriental rhythms, “The Bunny Show” is a journey through music and dance, and the costumes are here to cover or uncover certain ‘forbidden’ things!

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